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Why Prefer Plywood Over Natural Wood?

We, at Shri Nakoda Plywood Industries, strive day and night to undermine the saying that plywood cannot be used to match the beauty of solid wood. Projects worked upon with plywood not only stand up to the beauty of solid wood but more than it â€Â“ functionality. Given below are the several benefits that make plywood, Film Plywood, Laminates Plywood etc the best option over natural wood:
  • Uniform strength: One of the main advantages of this material is that it renders ultimate strength that cannot be rendered by the solid wood. Its all because of its higher density.
  • Wastage of wood can be minimized: The usage of plywood renders minimum amount of wooden scrap in comparison to the one that is obtained from the natural wood.
  • Versatility: Can be implemented into diverse applications other than creating furniture.
  • Eco-friendly: Similar to wood, it is biodegradable and extremely eco-friendly in nature

Our Mission

Being a responsible manufacturing company, it is our duty to ensure that profitable growth is attained by using eco-friendly techniques. And, this is what our mission is to continuously invest in methods and technologies for rendering people their desired lifestyle. Apart from this, we aim to maintain our professionalism and position in the market through honest and integrity.

Social Responsibility

Well aware with the fact that with every passing day the pollution is increasing rapidly, we make sure that through environment friendly production methods, biodegradable products are being manufactured that causes no harm to the Mother Nature. This is being the reason, our employees continue to look for better ways in which we can easily use all the available resources to produce Film Plywood, Laminates Plywood, etc. while minimizing the carbon footprint on our environment. What else we look to protect our planet is the correct usage of waste products that are generated during our production process.

Our People

The main reason that we are able to achieve top most position in the market is our dedicated and skilled employees. We strongly believe that a business cannot flourish until it is backed by a strong team which strives day and night to come forward and take initiatives to be the best. This is what our staff does and has made us touch heights of success.